Sam goes to San Fran

Well, I can’t believe I’m about to type this… I’m currently blogging from the airplane on the way to San Francisco. Yes, it’s true! Wireless internet, on the plane. Mix that with baby laptop and I’m in business… for only $9.95 for the entire flight. I don’t think I’d normally bother buying internet access on an airplane, but I’m going to take what I can get since I don’t think I’ll have much internet access once I get to Indonesia.

Mom (and family) threw me an excellent going-away brunch yesterday! In addition to seeing lots of lovely family members and friends who might as well be family, I got to spend some time with four fantastic ladies from Bloomington. After their arrival on Friday evening, mom made chocolate martinis and we got to visit for a bit… even with Nanny, who was resting in her royal blue satin jammies in bed. There were ten women plus my stepdad in the house that night! How lovely!

The best part of brunch was seeing my friends and family start to learn a little bit about Indonesia. Mom had checked out lots of children’s books, which turned out to be the best idea ever. They were full of pictures and maps and basic info that was easy to sort through and quick to read. I should have gone straight to the kid’s section of the library when I got back from New York City a few weeks ago… In addition to the books, we all watched a two-part travel documentary featuring one very silly American woman and a rather beautiful Aussie man trekking around Indonesia. I had seen it before, but it was great to watch everyone, especially my little (and big) cousins, get some visual idea of where I’m going. Plus, the food was great!! Mom made doughnuts and tiny quiches, plus we had a coffee bar with chocolate covered spoons… outrageous! The desserts were great, too. Thanks to everyone who came by and helped out with the party!

Now, I’m on my way to San Fran. Orientation at the hotel doesn’t start until tomorrow at noon, so I have from about noon today until then to hang out, write some post-cards, find some sourdough bread to munch, and meet up with two fellow Bloomington gals who are traveling through SF this week. I’m so excited to see them!

I’ll try to post again soon, probably from the hotel tomorrow evening after orientation. I don’t imagine we won’t get free wireless internet at the hotel… but even if I have to pay again, I’ll do it. That’s how much I like you!



4 thoughts on “Sam goes to San Fran”

  1. Hi Honey,
    Of course you would use any and all technology afforded you on the plane. You always have! Thank you, this time, for not calling home to tell me you were on the plane. I know that all to well. I love you very much and treasure these days we had you home. I am looking forward to eating my candy while reading your blogs, counting the days til you are home and celebrating the days you are away on this wonderful journey! Be Safe my heart.


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