San Fran!

Took some lovely pictures today in San Fran. Here they are! (I hope that link works. If it doesn’t just log onto Facebook and look at the album via my photo albums page. I am not dealing with figuring out how to get a Facebook widget into this blog. I’ve been up for nearly twenty hours, so forget it! Maybe after this I’ll just use my Flickr.)

Met my lovely hotel roomie tonight! She’s from Michigan, too. Super sweet gal! I fear I may have talked her ear off already but I’m just so excited to start meeting my fellows that I can’t stop the beat.

Today I had a great day. Everything was just what I needed it to be. I hung out at the wharf and took some pictures before Al and Liv picked me up… while I waited for them to arrive I managed to scratch out a few post-cards and take my first self-portrait (I plan to take a self-portrait every day for the next 27 months). After Liv and Al found my hotel room, the three of us took the bus down to Haight-Ashbury and got delicious drinks and the best burritos ever… plus, I bought another book, and Liv and Al gave me yet another! We got to walk and talk and be sweet to one another… such a pleasant day. Boy, those ladies can sure catch buses. I wouldn’t have seen as much of the city as I did if they hadn’t been here. San Fran love!

And… I’m totally sunburned! It’s excellent! I love summer!!


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