I didn’t sleep last night

Twenty-Seven May in Four Parts

Part I: Ode to Kate and Bob

Bob Marley’s the only reason my head hasn’t exploded. Kate’s keeping me from thinking my Bloomington life was a dream. I love both of you.

Part II: Tinggal di Tlekung, ya?

I took the angkot from Malang back to my village today. Alone, for the first time! Really alone, too…I was the only person left on the angkot by the time we reached downtown Junerejo. From Junerejo to the perempatan that’s my point of disembarkation, the driver and I chatted. I didn’t know him but he knew me.

Part III: Mom’s eyeball

What’s wrong with Mom’s eyeball?

Part IV:

When I moved to Arizona, I fell out of touch with Mike. We hadn’t reconnected yet.



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