Just a few photos

I wish I had time to write something up about these pictures; later tonight I will and I”ll try to post it tomorrow. Basically, they’re half from the school trip to Jogja this past Sunday and half from the preparations for the big party at my house on Saturday night. Enjoy!

Kites in the sky at the beach south of Jogja.

Beach south of Jogja.

Undur-undur, shrimpy little ocean-floor crawlers, deep fried. Yes, I ate one!

The students on my bus…they looked great in their uniform trip T-shirts.

Me and some of my favorite people outside the park in Jogja.

Waria performing at the park, Jogja.

Gettin’ ready for the big party.

Ladies makin’ satay ayam in the back area of my house.

That’s my host mother!

This is the mountain. I walked for approximately three minutes from my front door to take this picture!!


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