O Yoshimi


“I love, indeed, to regard the dark valleys, and the gray rocks, and the waters that silently smile, and the forests that sigh in uneasy slumbers, and the proud watchful mountains that look down upon all, — I love to regard these as themselves but the colossal members of one vast animate and sentient whole — a whole whose form (that of the sphere) is the most perfect and most inclusive of all; whose path is among associate planets; whose meek handmaiden is the moon, whose mediate sovereign is the sun; whose life is eternity, whose thought is that of a God; whose enjoyment is knowledge; whose destinies are lost in immensity, whose cognizance of ourselves is akin with our own cognizance of the animalculae which infest the brain — a being which we, in consequence, regard as purely inanimate and material much in the same manner as these animalculae must thus regard us.” —Edgar Allen Poe, “The Island of the Fay”


Happy Birthday Emily!



There’s something fairly amazing going on here and it’s not because of me. Is it? I hope the positivity keeps movin’ things along. School is a dream. Of course there are issues in the classroom—and they’re fairly (troublingly?) similar to those I had stateside—but I’m pleasantly surprised by the ease with which my first few days have passed. I think the kids like me and I like them, even though we don’t yet fully understand one another. But mutual affection is the first step! Plus, I managed to teach the past three days, meaning nine hour and a half long sessions, without the aid of my counterpart or another Indonesian teacher. I spoke lots of bahasa Indonesia mingled with slow, overly-enunciated English and drew lots of pictures of what I wanted the kids to do.



Teachers sometimes decide not to go to class or that they have other, more important priorities. During the first week of classes, I taught two hour and a half long sessions alone when I had intended on observing the real teacher’s lessons and just happened to drop by assuming the teacher wouldn’t mind me sitting in; I taught both classes because the teacher was a no-show.


Bad news: I’m getting booted from boy scouts. We had to move the teachers’ English course into the same time slot and that’s just too bad for me!


I can’t write much. I’m exhausted and I have a cold. Things are going well.


“The more I explore neurosis the more I become aware that it is a modern form of romanticism. It stems from the same source, a hunger for perfection, an obsession with living out what one has imagined, and it is found to be illusory, a rejection of reality, the power to imagine and not to sustain one’s endurance, and then the creative force turned into destruction. Many of the romantics destroyed themselves because they could not attain the absolute, in love or creation. They could not attain it because it was invented, it was a myth.” –Anaïs Nin


I am so grateful for the dear ones.


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