jump ropes

So we made jump ropes out of used plastic bags. I made one beforehand and brought it outside before class started so the kids could get excited– they immediately used the jump rope as a limbo pole and then jumped over it (only a couple of them had ever used a jump rope in the way we typically do).
They dug it. I had about 70 kids in all, in three waves. It was hectic as all get-out but worth it, of course!

3 thoughts on “jump ropes”

  1. awesome idea! i have about a hundred used plastic bags in my kitchen with no foreseeable use, so this sounds great. any tips on how to make them?


    1. the big thing was getting the kids to go at the same pace– i ended up letting the big kids go at their own pace and structured the activity for the little ones so that we were doing each step together (which meant waiting for the slowest kids, but it was worth it). i also bought a bunch of pairs of scissors beforehand. just cut the bags into three strips each and braid them, tying additional strips as you go. the kids will surprise you.


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