i know there’s good in him

War stories for my high-flying compatriots, those golden morning rays, walkers of history, sturdy cowboys in the sunset, my salty old dogs…

What on earth have I been up to this spring? Seems my time is structured away into doing my duties and keeping my head. Morning/afternoon routine still the same: wake up, go to school, come home, give lessons to loveable neighborhood mongrels. Actually, my after-school lessons have become increasingly frequent since the national exams. My high school students were on vacation while the seniors sat for the tests, so I spent a few days visiting local elementary schools (one state madrasah, one private madrasah, and one public elementary) and advertising my free English lessons. The entire third grade of the neighboring private madrasah is now my Wednesday afternoon lesson group. Great!

Evenings have been spent reading, drinking coffee with powdered milk (the newest probably-would-be-gross-if-i-ever-ate-it-the-states-but-i-am-so-deprived-of-“normal”-food-or-even-just-variation-since-i-basically-eat-rice-and-tempe-everyday-which-i-admit-i-like-but-it’s-hard-to-stomach-sometimes-and-it’s-real-repetitive-so-i-need-a-guilty-pleasure-like-oreos-or-peanut-butter-type addiction), watching basically any American TV show or movie from the last fifty years I could dream of. Who knew that by joining the Peace Corps I’d develop the best collection of TV and movies this side of the Pacific? Thanks, Noel and everyone else who wasn’t a jerk and brought an empty-hard-drived laptop (cough cough Sam cough). And by the way aren’t we lucky that we’re alive at this moment in history so we can enjoy the multifarious pleasures of the fruit of George Lucas’s mind…grapes? Eh, I thought I could make it work. Wine of the mind grapes? Grape jelly of the mind grapes?

May 1st approaches… the first day I have actively planned beginning a process that could lead to the ascertainment of The Next Move. Weird. Just got off the phone with Noel and we figure (or, I figure and force her to agree with me because otherwise we’d have to fight to the death and I’m not ready to accept that challenge because I would certainly be the “the death” part of that whole situation) this summer and fall is apply-for-stuff time, like the stuff we’re going to do next fall. My plan is basically the opposite of when I finished high school (when I applied to one college) and college (when I applied to one job) and when I finished at NMS (apply for one job): I’m going to apply for as many programs and projects and jobs as possible because I really have no idea what I’m going to do next. Something interesting should turn up!

Hey! My stepsister and stepbrother-in-law—what a mouthful—had their kid! A boy! First baby birthed by one of the magnificent four. I always said Kristen would have a kid before me… if she keeps this up she’ll have a few before I’ve even settled down. Go get ‘em, Perfect Ten!

Ok, enough for tonight. I promise to think about trying to be more diligent with this blog. I miss Diana a whole lot but so far I’ve been communicating with Noel more frequently since she’s gone, so… thank god Diana’s out of here, Noel and I can finally be together. Just kidding, Diana (though traipsing around Southeast Asia on an RPCV joyride, courtesy of taxpayer dollars—free from the stresses of PC Indo world—makes you fair game).

Uttini, ya’ll! Send me… your love beams. I’ll strum you a banjo tune, just listen real careful-like in the early mornin’ hours, ear to the east. Peace!



2 thoughts on “i know there’s good in him”

  1. I love these blogs. I love that when you tell me your routine I can put myself there! I love that you aren’t the first to have a baby! I love your ability to make me enjoy reading your words even when they are cryptic and incomprehensible to all but I know someone reading gets them. I love that you miss Diana. I love that you are willing to fight to the death about anything. I love your front porch filled with children. Good night!


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