great ideas

hey, do you have any questions? like bart and noel, i’m fielding questions from my, ahem, readership. i’ll answer probably anything, about peace corps, indonesia, islam, my life here, teaching english, or other stuff, like snub-nosed golden monkeys, how to build a good campfire, or the benefits of daily sitting. comment here or send questions via facebook. my mind grapes will do their best.



3 thoughts on “great ideas”

  1. Hey Sam, What are your most treasured experiences in the Peace Corps. so far and what do you hope to experience in Indonesia that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience? Love, Steppy


  2. Samantha,
    How do you think you will ever fit in in the US after this experience? I know that my time in Indonesia can’t even compare an iota to yours but I felt changed after coming back…. I can’t imagine how difficult coming home is going to be. What can we do to help?


  3. Samantha, I’d like to ask you the same question I asked Bart to get another POV on it; what is your view of the differences experienced by female vs male PCVs in Indonesia?


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