Weekly post? Daily post?

I wonder if I could pull off a daily post. I’d really like to stop making blogging a big deal– generally I let things pile up and up, and then the posts get unmanageable for me to write (and I assume that much more difficult to read / get through). Let’s try posting daily for a while! Little blurbies!

It’s my second full day back in Indonesia, and I think I’m finally over the jetlag. I fell asleep last night at about 7 pm and woke up promptly at 1:41 am, certain I’d not get back to sleep…but I did, thankfully! Slept until about 7 am and now figure that should do me.

Mixed emotions about leaving the US, but no mixed feelings about being back here. I’m glad to be back. The first thing that always hits me when I get somewhere new or go back to somewhere I’ve been before is the smell; the US smells a certain way, and Indonesia (or Java, anyways) smells a certain way. Here it’s sweat, heat, bodies, something spicy–spice-y–, and of course exhaust fumes. Something smoky, in the sense of both foods and motors, decidedly sweet and mysterious. There’s a thickness to the air that we don’t have in our part of the world, and it’s not just the humidity: jungles and so many green plants, the density of the people, the energy and fragrance of human activity (motoring around, cooking, laughing and relaxing). There are a lot of memories that come up when the smell hits me, the slowness of days being the primary one. I just don’t feel as tense. It’s as if the emotions and feelings themselves have a smell, even though certainly the smell evokes them; they’re just too close to separate. Olfaction!

Full days start again soon: next week I start both of my new jobs and continue my Indonesian studies. I need to organize my house and get unpacked. Lots to do, but things should settle down in a couple of weeks. I’ll try to do a short daily post, and we’ll see what happens.


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